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” Dolores Cannon QHHT and Beyond (BQH)is powerful, heart-based, access to your higher consciousness . .” Natasha Thompson , founder of Maximized Perspective “QHHT” Quantum Healing and Beyond (BQH)are the most advanced healing modalities on the planet today. These methods are heart-based and intention oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing energy healers to use…

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Meet the Real Natasha

I was not born with all of my gifts. I have not died and been revived like other psychics and healers, nor struck by lightning. I’ve had no mentoring or shamanic initiations in the desert.  I experienced the loss of my father from cancer , the loss of my 3 year old son  and an excruciatingly painful realization of the world around me through the media. Continue reading ->

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Showcase of references ,reviews and testimonials of Natashas expertise

Jenn S Hello! I had the great pleasure of meeting Tasha in Mount Shasta. This amazing person stands out in a crowd. She glows. Her Passion, enthusiasm her love and kindness are right there. She not only is a lovely person she is very passionate about what she does. If you are thinking about having a QHHT session reach out to her and you will understand all that I have just said. ENJOY your experience 💜🙏 

Candi Green

💚Candy Green. Natasha is a powerful, experienced hypnosis practitioner. She is also caring, friendly and professional. You will be guided with the utmost love and guidance to get the answers and healings you seek. Your life will be enhanced by having a session with Natasha. She knows what she is doing!

Aarti AgrawalNatasha is a wonderful practitioner. She immediately makes you feel safe and comfortable. I was able to talk about anything with her without any fear of judgement. She made me feel warm and welcomed as soon as I met her. She is extremely patient and has a very calming and soothing voice. I was able to get the answers to all my questions and My session with her was life changing. If you are feeling stuck or looking to change your life in a way to move forward, I would highly recommend going to Natasha for a QHHT session.

Sabah Rab

Sabah Rab. She’s absolutely amazing. I’m so lucky to have met her. Very professional can’t wait for my next session. I felt so comfortable.

Paige Garcia. She made you feel like the most important person when you were around her.

Liliana Velez. Natasha was incredibly professional and had all the precise tools to lead me in this experience. I felt totally comfortable with her from beginning to end. With her guidance, I was given the opportunity to explore and analyze myself. I’d like to congratulate Natasha for her professionalism and powerful knowledge. She is a being of light and I recommend her to the highest extent. The QHHT session was just a wonderful experience!

Jimyjah Blackston

Jimyjah Blackston. Words can’t explain how wonderful Tasha is. She is all knowing, she understanding, and she gives off such positive energy. 😊 Having a chance to work with her was incredible! She’s a amazing teacher and I’m still learning things from her today. She’s the real deal!!! If you’re looking for the right one, look no further!

Thank you for everything Tasha! ❤️

Rebecca Keller. I met Natasha for the first time today at a metaphysical expo. Upon her approaching me, I was instantly comfortable with her. Natasha gave me some great insight and even educated me on chakra stones and where I had room for improvement. If you are looking for someone to educate you on new chakra topics or enlighten you further, contact her. You will not be disappointed.

Annie Wimbish. Natasha Is very very knowledgeable and has a very very special skill that she uses with lots of genuine love and care.
She is a true healer! I can only say that you will have to experience it yourself to truly know what im saying, you will not be disappointed. Shes really connected with the people she works with and you can feel her genuine love and support for the people she helps and heals! Shes one of a kind, im very appreciative for the work she has done for and with me!

Alexis Wolfe

Alexis Wolfe. Tasha is amazing. My (QHHT) session changed my life for the better. We went back to my past lives and I discovered how cool I’ve always been lol. We also discovered how damaged I was and healed me on the spot. It’s a very big step to make towards reaching a higher level of consciousness and ascension. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide me. Forever grateful.

Kayla Swayney. I truly had an amazing experience working with Tasha! I have blockages cleared away. She was very comforting in the process. Very grateful to have met her and for her to be a part of my journey! I’ll definitely be going back to work with her again!

Vashni Matthews Tasha was a great guide, very enthusiastic about her work. I had a very spiritual, surreal experience. My life is going through a drastic positive shift since my session. A very mind opening and enlightening experience.

Raven CockrellTasha was so great! She changed my life in a major way. I would definitely go again. It was a wonderful experience! 

Jazzmyne Pepper Sims a year agoMy session was more than I’d ever imagined. Natasha was a wonderful guide! I’ll definitely be back.

Kathy Linzy. Natasha took away negative energy from me that was holding me down. She is absolutely amazing and recommend her!!

Lois Alexander An amazing person that brings clarity.

M DTasha is an excellent instructor and teacher. This is the way to go for anyone desiring channeling learning and strengthing. I am now aware of more modalities of receiving information that I previously had. She is a unique guide with different techniques. For me this was more than just Qhht. After a Secession with Tasha it has impacted my life is a very big positive way. So much easier now to see how I relieve information. Thank you Tasha.

Frozen Proze Amazing energy and vibrancy radiating from a well grounded and beautifully rounded being.

William Flowers

My pain has reduced by as much as 50%.

I was skeptical at first, because I was engaged in multiple modalities to address my pain, ie; meds, chiropractic and topical ointments, but i’s been trying those for the duration of THIS episode of pain and had little, overall relief. I am not one for the distance healing, but I cannot explain it any other way. 

Tasha has a vibe that I can’t deny, and my trust in her may have gone a long way to my receptivity…I feel her time, attention and expertise has significantly helped me, its been 2 days, and my walking is almost back to normal, with some pain, but overall, an amazing turnaround!


Will Flowers,
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