Why healing is needed?

Why healing is needed?

Do you wish you could let go of the relationships and events that have left you heartbroken and lost?

Do you wish you could smile more with a heart full of confidence?

Do you want to clear the weight of a depressed spirit, the confused haze of busy thoughts or the tension that life is not quite right?

The stories your mind creates about who you are, what you need, what you want, and how life ‘should’ be causes you to separate from that inner resolute ‘knowing’ of who you really are and to trust that all is in perfection – right now.

As you unify your mind with true reality, you gain more peace.

The really difficult part is you’re not always aware of where your ‘stuff’ comes from or how to clear it! Much of your pain is actually just fear of the very emotions that you have disowned; either stored in your body as a symptom, or hidden within your unconscious. This then distorts your ability to be in reality, as your misperceptions take over your judgement. When you’re still unconsciously believing in a past that no longer exists, it keeps you from happily engaging in the present.

We can help you make sense of these patterns.

It’s all about unlocking those ties to your past so they’re no longer influencing, twisting & corrupting your current reality.

The more often you align to your authentic & wise self, the more brilliant your experience of life becomes. 

Together, we will resolve and neutralize the energy from the past and bring about a peaceful resonance to your emotional wounds, anxieties and losses. You will start to see life with greater clarity and awareness, and will make choices aligned with what you really want. You can work with the invisible fabric of life, the force around and within you –  to make really great things happen, every day if you really choose.

We are here to work with you, at our location, via Zoom or phone, and through distance healing too.

Location is not a barrier when dealing with energy. The option is all yours.

What happens during a healing?

To begin, we will talk about where you seek change in your life. Sometimes writing down these feelings, issues or questions in preparation for your session will help to prompt you. We then intuitively scan through your body, your unconscious, your energy field and connections beyond your physical presence to find the causes and solutions. These are our skill; locating the source, bringing what is hidden to light to create understanding and allowing you to release resistance to what is.

It’s all physics really! Your thoughts and consciousness work synergistically with us and together we form a circuit to elevate your processing abilities. We work as a team and with a team of 10th Dimensional Celestial Beings who we channel to provide the catalytic energy, wisdom and the technical know-how to make the healings very powerful, purposeful and long lasting.

Every treatment will have a different feel and focus. We will usually hold your energy for 20-30 minutes, either in person, while on the phone, through Skype or with your photo. During this time, We go into a light trance and observe the transformation of fears, emotions, beliefs, patterns and ailments.

   Our specialty treatment areas include:

Fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, illnesses, headaches, injuries, physical pain, trauma, grief, frustration, sexual dissatisfaction, lack of joy, demotivation, confusion, fears, phobias, obsessions, suicidal thoughts, self-harming, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, histories of abuse, addictions, intimate relationships, children’s wellbeing, fertility, pregnancy, families, negative thoughts, bad luck, curses, past lives, self esteem, business flow, career direction, life purpose, why things happen, and anything really difficult or stubborn!

The following types of healings may spontaneously occur during your session, depending on your immediate needs:

Soul Retrieval 

$240 a session (up-to 3hrs)

Soul retrieval is the completion of a huge event in your life. For many people, when the soul is retrieved they are finally able to let go of something that once seemed impossible. This is often the case for someone who has lost an aspect of themselves due to a past event or incident in their life that was too traumatic to process at the time.

We can retrieve the parts of your soul, which have been missing for some time, heal them and guide them back to your core centre in order to rebuild you emotionally and energetically. This is particularly powerful when someone has lost their intrinsic coping mechanisms, for example in the case of anxiety or depression.

Example: Olivia had been abused as a child. The wounded and hurt aspect of her had disassociated from her body at the time of the abuse. She hasn’t been the same since. She lost her sense of joy and trust, and unconsciously continued to bring abusive men into her life. Olivia told me that she was secretly scared of men and unable to feel confident or content, no matter what self help techniques she tried. During two soul retrieval sessions, I was able to contact her damaged younger self, and help her to move past the incident to feel safe and lovable, and bring those qualities into the present.

Past Life Healing / Dolores Cannon QHHT

$290 a session (up-to 3hrs)

Sometimes within a session a past life will spontaneously be recognized by either you or our team. When this happens, we recognize what this past life aspect has not been able to let go and help it to find closure on all levels. Once this occurs, the past life will cease to cause triggers in this life and the same recurring patterns can be changed.

Example: Angela wanted to find the right partner to enter her life after years of choosing the wrong types of men for her. We uncovered a disturbing past life during a treatment, which revealed she had been abused by men as a slave. This past life aspect had decided on its own accord to protect Angela and never allow her to have romantic love again. By discovering this past life, I could reverse her inner agreement to repel good loving men and change the physics of her attractions. Within three months, she met her now fiancé.

Psychic Surgery / Reiki 

$120 a session (up-to 1.5hrs)


Our hands will start to move automatically when the opportunity for psychic surgery is offered. Psychic surgery is invisible energy surgery which is channeled from a highly skilled medical guide in spirit. They will utilize our hands to make contact with you and offer a truly powerful healing whereby painful memories are removed, from above your body.  It looks like we are pulling invisible strings out of you. They will also remove negative energetic ‘hooks’ that have tied you to other people. Then your energy is ‘knitted’ back together. Sometimes energetic anesthetic is used and so it’s very hard for a person to stay awake. Other times the patient is fully alert and observing the operation. This can occur with distance healings because we don’t have to be beside you. The guides will travel to wherever you are to make the changes you need happen in the most amazing ways.

Example: Annabelle came to us as she was going through a traumatic divorce. She had developed irritable bowel syndrome and bloating that was so uncomfortable that she was having trouble even eating. What we saw was energetic hooks attached into her abdomen, and under her rib cage. The hooks were from her ex-husband, because he didn’t want to let her go. With psychic surgery the hooks were all removed in one session. Annabelle could actually feel sensations in her abdomen as we were pulling the cords out, even though we were not touching her body. She called a few days later to say she had a flat stomach for the first time in a year, the irritable bowel had corrected itself, and she was eating well. The stress had gone.

Medical Intuition

$95 a session (up-to 1.5hrs)


Science has now proven that our body exists within an electromagnetic energy field, commonly known as your ‘aura’ or ‘field’. Part our my ability is to read the field, which we perceive through connecting our hands and mind to receive what feels like streams of data, giving us information about who you are, what you feel, what you’ve been through and how to heal you.

Medical intuition is the ability to read the condition of the body using psychic ability. It also involves diagnosing causes of presenting problems and intuiting the healing methods necessary. We can read whether a physical problem is improving or worsening. We can hear the reason for a symptom occurring and dialogue with it telepathically. This way we can find out what the lesson behind the illness is.

Example: Rob came to see us because he had an ongoing elbow pain that wouldn’t go away. When running fingers along his arm and elbow, a sound of psychic dialogue to the effect of, “Leave me alone, don’t interfere, everyone just gets in my way and stuffs me up!” When I asked about his recent history, he told me how he had received bad advice from his brother about some financial decisions, which ended up costing him his house. I realized that his elbow was holding the memory of wanting to elbow that person out of the way and follow his own gut. His regret and irritation was stored in the elbow tendons. We released the frustration and his elbow healed itself within 2 days.

Your Ancestral Family Tree

$240 a session (up-to 3hrs)


Did you know, we often agree even before we incarnate, to carry the baton of ancestral pain and burdens? The roots of modern Chinese Medicine actually came from ‘Ancestor Medicine’. This involved the village healer contacting the ancestors of the sick clients to source peace and resolution within the family linage. On many occasions, We have found the source of a problem to be coming from ancestral karma. That means that problems that weren’t resolved by your ancestors can be passed like a baton to you when your soul has agreed to continue attempting to heal branches of the family line. Sometimes this is an acceptable and do-able deal, but in other cases it’s far too much for one individual to take on. This is when a session can reassess and help change the soul agreements so that the contract is fair and easier on you.

Childhood Healing

$240 a session (up-to 3hrs)

When childhood circumstances have imprinted on you, it can cause an insecure perspective and limited mindset to develop well beyond the initial impact. Our team can regress your body back to respective ages of your consciousness to alter how your subconscious framed and viewed such events. This is important when it is necessary to advance your childhood impressions so that you no longer feel blamed or responsible for events outside of your control.

Relationship Healings

$180.00 a session (up-to 2hrs)

Be honest, do you love yourself? Like really, unconditionally love the whole of you?

Do you want to meet someone special but feel blocked?

Does your marriage need repair?

Do you have trust issues?

Are you doubting your partnership?

Are you still trying to let go of an ex or the damage from a previous relationship?

We will help you to heal and expand relationships in your life from your family, friends, co-workers, exes, partners, children, ancestors or yourself.

Shamanic Healing

$320.00 a session (up-to 4hrs)

Occasionally people feel like something has gone wrong with their life and they wonder whether it might be attributed to negative karma, entities, or people from their past who still hold a grudge. Most cultures throughout history have had a belief in bad luck and dark forces, and have sought ways to overcome such influences.

We have developed shamanic practices to be able to deal with many aspects of the dark arts, black magic, curses and negativity if and when needed.

Example: Tina came to us because she felt possessed. After contact with an extremely negative family member, Tina had become tired and depressed, with crazy angry thoughts and nasty feelings toward others. This was very unlike her. She had gone to see an exorcist in town who had black finger nails, black painted walls, and wore black clothes. The experience had frightened her even more and she left feeling worse off. During her session with me, we laughed about how the opportunistic dark spirit had jumped onto her hoping for a free ride, and we cleared it away within 15 minutes. Tina felt her normal self return immediately and we dissolved her fear of random spirits and the reason she had attracted the entity’s interference.

Readings and Guidance

$60 a session (up-to 1hrs)


We generally do not predict your future. We do not read what good or bad luck may bring you. Instead, We gather a snapshot of where you are at right now in your life and what your current intentions are.

Some things that are already fated to happen will have the information of that future event already imprinted into your energy, in which case we can read from that data. However where you have choice in your future we can not tell you what you are yet to choose!

Soul contracts are made before you are born, which are agreements you make about lessons you are here to learn and experience. The information contained in these agreements can usually be accessed and even changed if need be.

As a healers, it is our mission to change the issues that are in the way of where you need to go. If something has been chosen by your soul to occur for good reason, then you can trust that there is purpose in the learning. If however, negative energy is blocking what has been fated, or the fate you wrote long ago just isn’t working – then we can clear and rewrite over that – if your soul permits.

If you want to clear the energy surrounding another person, photos are really helpful. We can tune into the dynamics of your relationship with that person through the photo and give deeper healing to your part in the connection. We can also send and offer healing to that person. It is then up to their subconscious to accept and work with the healing or not. Photos also show me the intention of another person so if you have questions about whether a relationship is good for you or how the other person feels, We can track the vibe and provide objective guidance.

Psychic Mediumship and Channeling

$95.00 a session (up-to 2hrs)

Sometimes during a session, a relative or loved one from beyond this world will want to join us to assist your session. This is not through me summoning them, but because they are aware of your session taking place and they choose to show up and bring their unconditional love. When this occurs, We are able to channel their messages and they will explain through me issues that need clarification, understanding and completion for you. You can also enquire about loved ones and I will contact them – if they are willing!


We can only facilitate as much change as what you allow. We cannot force healing or changes onto anyone, as we only use pure intentions. We  create a synergy of consciousness whereby we work together. We  therefore are not responsible if you cannot accept the changes you are asking for. However we will do all to psychically open you to what you need, and we will do our best to remove your barriers, and to guide your energy to accept the best possible outcomes for you. Always keeping it real.


All information you provide is kept strictly confidential, and session content is never divulged, unless giving written consent. Sometimes we will be treating several members of the same family, people in the same circles of friends, or couples. The same rule of confidentiality applies in all instances.Contact us

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