Your Journey Begins

Are you feeling disconnected, distracted and disillusioned from what truly matters?

You are here because you seek change. You want more happiness, passionate love, radical connection, divine purpose and of course, ceaseless fun in your life. But the pursuit can feel relentless and the result, not always satisfying without Crystal Clear guidance.

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Healing Sessions

Experience the magic of change with sound healing , Qhht , past life regression , reiki and more. Explore our offers

Distance Healing

Receive life changing healing through providing photos to clear situations , heal trauma and shift negativity. If you are ready to book, we can get started. Click Here

Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Book an in-depth QHHT session if now’s your time for major inner change. With no long wait-your next session can start next week. Instantaneous magic. Explore

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My session was more than I’d ever imagined. Natasha was a wonderful guide! I’ll definitely be back.

If you havent tried QHHT, what are you waiting for! Natasha has the natural skills and knowledge to help you unblock things that may be holding you back. She can also help you heal yourself, shes very sweet, compassionate, loving, and genuinely cares about the people she works with. She will answer any questions or concerns you have and will put your mind at ease if your feeling any anxiety about the session…..Read More

Speciality Session and Instant Help

All waves of volunteers, starseed , indigo , and rainbow children activation and channeling

Want a connection with your souls council , star and galactic family? Need help in perceiving and understanding a supernatural experience , dream or abilities? You deserve a powerful presence and a positive mindset from your experiences. You are not alone Click Here to learn more.

Instant Help News

Are you feeling awful, stuck or down? Can’t get in for a session straight away and need some help and understanding . Read More

Zoom and Phone

Phone and Zoom sessions are available to everyone, whether you live locally , or you’re located interstate or overseas. These sessions are equally very effective. Click Here

Exclusive Offer

Get 10 % Off Your First Session

Who doesn’t like a discount? Book your first session and sign up our newsletter today to receive this exclusive offer. Book services at prices lower than medical co-pays and deductibles! Please check out our other session offers and start preparing for your memorable desired change

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