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Healing Sessions

Do you wish you could let go of the relationships and events that have left you heartbroken and lost? Do you wish you could smile more with a heart full of confidence?Do you want to clear the weight of a depressed spirit, the confused haze of busy thoughts or the tension that life is not quite right? Read More

Distance Healing

Firstly, what is distance healing? Distance healing involves sending the healing intention and energy to a person, group or situation from afar. It can be used to heal the past, present or future. Read More

Harmonizer Wands

The Harmonizers distribute power in a balanced, long-term way, promoting harmony, especially for after session care. The wands have become the conductor of the multi-dimensional energy of light. The Wands has become a unique energy harmonizer. The wands harmonizes the space, life surroundings and people.  Read More click here to purchase on etsy

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