People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that
person.. Whether we’re dining on filet mignon or hot dogs, driving the latest luxury car or a hooptie or beater, there’s plenty to be grateful for.We can start with the fact that God has given us another day of life, and take it from there.If you count the things money can’t buy, there are always reasons for gratitude.Some folks with empty wallets have very full lives. Instead of pitying them, we might acknowledge that being well-off isn’t always a matter of dollars and cents.And, if, like me, you have very few jewels, you may have other treasures in abundance such as family, faith and friends, which sustain us during the hard times. 


My fellow practitioners, Iowa QHHT Practitioners Suzanne Spooner and Maria Eugenia Perez discuss how to prepare for a session with Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Technique.


Intend, from the moment you sign up to have a session, that you will have a clear and direct connection with the part of yourself that is able to provide significant guidance and healing. Your intent to have a great session is key! Your success relies on your willingness to relax in the session and allow the process to move forward in your life. For example, you could say something like this:

“I now quickly, easily, and clearly connect with my Subconscious Mind to get information that will help me in the very best way. I now connect with my best reality, the best version of myself, and my best possible movement forward on all levels.”


You will be more prepared and comfortable if you have established how you process information and speak to your Subconscious. Click here to learn how to communicate .


Type up a list of questions that you want your Subconscious to answer. Put down anything you can think of: career, personal challenges, spiritual path, physical ailments, fears, addictions, family issues, or anything else that you want to know. Make sure your list is relevant to your needs and your needs alone. A best practice is to group questions together by topic and sort them in order of importance. Click here for questionnaire


The night before and the day of your session, refrain from alcohol and mind altering substances. Try to avoid caffeine the morning of the appointment. It is best to avoid restroom breaks during the session. This is why we avoid diuretics.


The entire appointment could last five hours or more. Eat something before your appointment to keep your tummy quiet and happy.


Dress comfortably. You will be lying down in one position for up to a couple of hours, so plan on wearing clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable.


You might be extremely comfortable with someone or you might want to have someone there for support, but due to the very personal nature of what will be discussed and addressed, I do not allow anyone else in the room. It is out of my respect for you that I only conduct the session with you alone because it is a private and confidential process that is only relevant to you. It is important to keep in mind the energies accessed in a session need to focus strongly upon the client and can be affected by observers.

You are free to share your experience with whoever you choose after you have reviewed your recording privately following the day of your session.

If someone is driving you to the appointment, they need to be prepared to do something else for around five hours until you are ready to leave. Then, they can come pick you up.


Approach your session with an open and curious mind. Expect that you will be consciously present during the entire session. Only 3% of the population is somnambulistic and will go completely under without remembering a thing. Quantum Healing is an exercise in connecting your conscious mind with your Subconscious, so both will usually show up. Removing expectations and allowing the appropriate information to come through will allow your experience the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you as it unfolds.


I send out recordings via email to be downloaded from Dropbox the day following our session. You can download your recording to listen to it on your desktop, MP3 player, laptop, phone, etc.


If you are really looking to get the most out of your experience, you must listen to your recording regularly. Consider that you are spending your time and money, so you want to get the absolute most out of your experience. I recommend listening to your recording once a week at least. This is absolutely part of the process! I’ll say it again: listen to youR 


Service Cost


Check out our tools and techniques that supplies the answers to all your questions.  From Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Therapy sessions, past life regressions, soul contracts, addiction treatment, starseeds mission accessed, instantaneous healing methods,  the list goes on.



DELORES CANNON QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS THERAPY Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. 240.00 a session



Distance Healing and Energy $85.00

REIKI A REIKI  feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. $35 an hr
CUSTOM created Elixirs  for users intent $125.00
We offer Distance healing which is energy “sent” across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done over the phone , online or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner. $240.00



How to use this form:

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into an email, answer as many questions as you comfortably can, and email me your responses prior to the healing session. This will ensure the session runs smoothly and efficiently for the greatest healing to occur. Please know that the information can be very useful.

Note: All information will be kept strictly confidential.


  • Full name:
  • Contact number:
  • Email address:
  • Preferred method of communication:
  • Address:
  • Age:
  • Date of birth:
  • Location of birth:
  • Time of birth:
  • Zodiac sign:


  • Body pains? When did they start? What was happening in your life when they started?

  • Have any tooth fillings? If so, how many?

  • Smoke cigarettes now, or ever?

  • On any medication?

  • Have you ever done any drugs?

  • Have any birth marks? If so, where?

  • Are you vegetarian or vegan?

  • Do you have any allergies or food intolerances?

  • Done colonic hydrotherapy?

  • Done a liver and gallbladder or kidney cleanse? If so, how many?

  • Done crystal healing?

  • Done energy healing (e.g. Reiki)?

  • Done reflexology?

  • Done sound healing?

  • Done ear candling?

  • Have you had your kundalini raised?

  • Have you done an ascension session?

  • Know how to bring light / energy into your body through your crown chakra? (Your eyes often flash when doing this).

  • Have any tattoos, if so why did you get them?

  • Have any piercings?

  • Carry any crystals? If so, please detail type, size and quantity.

  • Wear crystal power bracelets?

  • Do yoga?

  • Do regular walking or other forms of exercise?

  • Get out in nature regularly? How often?

  • When was the last time you wept? Do you cry often?

  • Can you see or feel other people’s energies?

  • Use earphones or hands-free when on the phone?

Mind and emotions:

  • Do you dream often? Are there any significant dreams that stand out, please describe?

  • Do you keep a dream diary?

  • Have any phobias?

  • Are you psychic, intuitive, sensitive?

  • Can you see or feel other people’s energies?

  • Ever had a psychic reading? If so, how many?

  • Meditate? How often? For how long?

  • Have you connected with your higher-self and or spirit guides? If so, who are they?

  • Do you pray? How often?

  • Do you follow any religion?

  • Are you spiritual?

  • Are you generally happy?

  • Do affirmations?

  • Use thought amplifiers – crystals – when doing affirmations?

  • Have you read ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks? Or know about Law of Attraction?

  • Have you taken any spiritual workshops or attended spiritual conferences? Which ones?

  • What is your willingness to learn from 0-10 (10 being the highest)?

  • What is your willingness to change from 0-10 (10 being the highest)?

  • What is your willingness to do things on faith from 0-10 (10 being the highest)?

  • Are you willing to allow (not resist) your healing?


  • Please list all appropriate or significant relationships – person’s name and connection (spouse, sibling, parent, child, friend, etc.)

  • List any significant problems or issues I need to know about in your home life.

  • Do you believe you have a soulmate or partner in life, that you will one day meet?

  • Believe in destiny?


  • Occupation?

  • Do you truly enjoy your work?


  • Comfortable talking about money?

  • Have any debts, if so, what type?

  • Can you afford my fee?

  • Are you happy to pay the full fee up-front?


  • Why do you want to do QHHT?

  • Do you know how QHHT works?

  • Do you have any questions or issues with hypnosis?

  • Do you drive?

  • Have you had any type of accidents?

  • Had any spiritual experiences?

  • Been to any sacred sites e.g. Glastonbury Tor, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Maccu Piccu, Stonehenge, etc.

  • Done an astrological reading or personal chart?

  • Seen a palmist and had your palm read?

  • Familiar with the term ‘soul contracts’? Know what they are?

  • Aware you may have taken vows in current or lives, which may be effecting you in this life?

  • Do you know what your life plan or purpose is?

  • Are you familiar with the Archangels?

  • Have a mentor?

  • Ever been to the College of Psychic Studies?

  • What’s your chosen wording for: Source, God, the Creator?

  • Why me (as your chosen healer)?


Quantum Healing Hypnosis “Qhht”


Discover Your Purpose and Instantaneous Healing with a QHHT Session-$240 

Your Higher-Self Consciousness can reveal to your conscious mind your passions, desires and inner strengths. Clarifying your goals can leave you peaceful and inspired! Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session can help find a  release for these emotions. You can achieve instantaneous healing of all diseases,addictions and habits, if it’s appropriate.

We often ask ourselves, “Who can we trust most in our lives?” The answer lies within. It is OURSELVES! A discussion with your Higher-Self Consciousness is like a having your own personal road map or blueprint.


Follow up to your Qhht  

– $90 a session

Need another session because more questions need to be answered , you enjoyed the inner peace , you enjoyed the feeling of true love and pure bliss or need another body part healed.  It does not matter the reason past clients are  granted (2 )sessions at this rate at our facility .

 Thank you for your interest in a Qhht session. Session are available  in person at our facility,  local in-home with the travel radius of less than 60 miles  and  out of town with radius of over 60 miles not to exceed 3 hours of driving time .
Email  or Call (931) 302-7837 to schedule a date and time or Pay and Schedule thru my online service.

The session cost is $240.00 in town at our facility.

The session cost is $350.00 for in-home .

The session cost is $400.00 for out of town.

Send deposit of $120.00 to PayPal at to lock in session time and date. Other portion is due day of session.

Or Pay and Schedule directly thru my online service. (CLICK )  Visa ,MC accepted

This is how to prepare for a great session

This is the questionnaire I need 2 days before the session

Click here for more session info 


Depression and Anxiety Gone

“I have a new life! My vibration is so high. I can feel love, give love and receive love, for the first time in my life! All my depression and anxiety are completely gone!”

 Brian-Phoenix, Arizona

Breast Cancer Healing

“I have to share with you a remembrance of healing as I awakened this morning — I saw some green light going over my whole breast area; I felt a definite tingling from that light, especially on the left breast. The tingling was proof enough of the continuing healing; ‘seeing’ the green light was just an added bonus!! So I was truly blessed to have witnessed my own healing as it continues from our session!! I truly feel like a new woman!!!!! Life is wonderful! Thanks once again, Natasha, for the beautiful healing QHHT session.”

N.P – Knoxville ,TN

QHHT Client has cosmic experience

“You are an amazing teacher and I know you are definitely going to be providing others with some new modalities of healing.  Just recently I was awoken up at 3:23 by my guides to listen to your QHHT interview on Streaming For The Soul. So I obliged and sure enough I began to feel your energy pulling through. My left hand in particular began to heat up and then my right hand shortly thereafter.  I thought that was the purpose for me being pulled out of bed.  But then as I laid back down I began to experience a bright purple light envelope my bedroom. I soaked it in and drifted off to what I thought was sleep. However I became conscious that I was looking up at what looked like the night sky filled with stars!  A cluster of multi- colored lights caught my attention and I zeroed in on them.  I was filled with unbelievable excitement as I recognized that it was a familiar star galaxy and I immediately yelled,  “I want to go home now.” I could feel myself having an out of body experience and awakened after that, speechless and left in complete amazement.  Natasha all I can say is WOW!  I wish you the best and know without a doubt you are providing so many a sense of purpose and helping others including myself to awaken to their cosmic bodies and selves.”

Jeff -Clarksville, TN

Richness of Information and Clarity

Natasha Thompson is a truly gifted QHHT Practitioner. This became evident for me when I was in the middle of my hypnosis session; while listening to Natasha voice I could feel myself relaxing even deeper into hypnosis. It was as if their voices seemed to merge. This was, by far, one of the best spiritual sessions I have ever had. I am so very grateful I listened to my heart to come see Natasha.

From start to finish, Natasha gently guided me through the QHHT process in the most loving and kind way. Her compassionate and nurturing spirit came through in the way she offered to talk to me on the phone (even before I booked the session), how she shared with me the session plan, how she actively listened to my story before the session and how she sat with me as I was coming out of my deep state after the session. Every step of the way I felt comfortable, relaxed and completely taken care of.

The information I received from my Higher Self well exceeded my expectations. Not only did it uncover a few hidden areas but also brought to light the answers and clarity I was seeking. To this day, I am still absorbing it all and letting it settle in. I must also add that the richness of information that came through my session I truly believe is also attributed to Natashas deep spiritual connection, her voice and active facilitation style.

Above and beyond, I highly recommend Natasha to anyone seeking a deeper connection to their Higher Self and to all those seeking a Practitioner that will help take them deeper to uncover their personal truth and path forward.


How Past Life Regressions Can Help Us

Through my years of my own journey into self-awareness, I discovered how important it was for me to get a past life regression. Although we can go through the common modalities such as counselors, healers, and many other others. There may come a time when you’re close to the end of your self-healing process, when things just don’t seem to bother you as much anymore.

For me, when I got to this end point in my life, I discovered there was still something that just wasn’t right. No matter how hard I looked inside of myself periodically, I still felt a disturbance in the force. I would feel good for a week or two, and then some mornings I would wake up feeling yucky and have to use my skills to get me back on track. , I felt a feeling of instant awareness that it was true, because every time I looked inside of myself to see why, I always came to a dead-end.

So, about three days after I found out what I learned from a psychic, I had a strong urge to call Maximized Perspectives.  Natasha started talking to me about her healing process she  offers. Its called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and other wonderful tools. I asked her, “Well, what’s that?” She said it is a past life regression technique that was discovered and perfected by Dolores Cannon. Suddenly, all the bells and whistles went off inside of me. I was so excited, I cut her off right in the middle of her conversation and said, “I want to have a session!”

After she facilitated my session, it was like a magic switch was turned on. I felt 100% healed from all the old crap from the past. I got up the next morning feeling the best I ever felt in my life! I had the tenacity, strength, and focus beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations!

So, if any of my friends out there, are having similar symptoms and feel this resonates for you, please contact what I would consider one of the best past life regression practitioners, Maximized Perspectives  for your personal Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session.

L.Stance- Huntsville,AL

Planning Future Sessions To Continue Energy Integration And Healing Work

Over the years I’ve had many energy clearings/healings. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, has come anywhere near what I experienced with NatAsha. The healing and energy integration was so intense that when I came back into the conscious waking state, I could literally feel every cell in my physical body vibrating and teeming with energy.

Her experience with perspectives,  knowledge of the cosmos, work with the ascended beings, and her heightened state of consciousness have allowed her to become an exemplary healing practitioner. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Natasha. She will work with your Higher Self, and your guides to bring to you the best possible outcome from your session. My session with her has far, far surpassed my expectations, and I am already planning future sessions with her to continue the energy integration and healing work that I know needs to be done.-  Clarksville,TN

Thank You For Giving Me A New Perspective Of My Life

I’m forever grateful for your generosity and your willingness to help others like myself. Not a day has gone by that I don’t recall our session and continue to find deeper significance in the wisdom you brought to the surface. After the QHHT session, I woke up feeling so refreshed and happy and can’t help to notice that a bird has been urging me to go outside for some additional healing! I listened to the session right after you left and like you said, more details came to me. I saw an image of Queen Elizabeth and King Henry VIII. I got the impression I spent that particular past life in England.

I recognize that my husband is more supportive than I thought. He allows me to be myself, even if he can’t understand my spiritual journey yet, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for giving me a new perspective of my life. I plan to cherish motherhood and let my light shine! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I send you waves of love. May God always bless your journey, for wherever you walk, you bring light upon the world.

  S. Lowes  –Nashville ,TN

Able To Heal Emotional Trauma

My experience with Natasha and the QHHT session was extraordinary. I was able to heal emotional trauma from my life and fully understand the reason of my inexplicable sadness. We went through my other life in the stars and discovered that I have my real family there. For some reason, I felt nostalgic just to see the stars at night, specially Orion belt. Natasha and I were able to travel throughout the Universe and discover things that I would never imagine! Thank you Natasha for being such a great guide. LOVE and Peace! –

Kyle -Antioch TN

Feeling the Love & Light

  I wanted to thank you for the great session on Saturday. I really felt like a great healing took place.  Yesterday I did an amazing meditation, the deepest I have ever gone. And I felt like I was in another dimension and that I was completely filled with light and love until it became so that I was light and love. I felt like this was an ‘Activation’ of some sort.”

-Mary Jo -Austin Tx 

I No Longer Have Stomach Or Lower Quadrant Issues

Thank you for the QHHT session. It was intense, but the results were amazing. I cleared a lot of old hurts as evidenced by an angel communicator I see, who said she doesn’t see anymore dark areas as she had previously. I feel spiritually lighter. I also no longer have stomach or lower quadrant issues and feel so much lighter. Thank you for your time and for the wonderful healing.

Guy – Johnson City , TN

Annie Wimbish
Natasha Is very very knowledgeable and has a very very special skill that she uses with lots of genuine love and care.

She is a true healer! I can only say that you will have to experience it yourself to truly know what im saying, you will not be disappointed. Shes really connected with the people she works with and you can feel her genuine love and support for the people she helps and heals! Shes one of a kind, im very appreciative for the work she has done for and with me!

Frozen Proze
Amazing energy and vibrancy radiating from a well grounded and beautifully rounded being
Tasha is an excellent instructor and teacher. This is the way to go for anyone desiring channeling learning and strengthing. I am now aware of more modalities of receiving information that I previously had. She is a unique guide with different techniques. For me this was more than just Qhht. After a Secession with Tasha it has impacted my life is a very big positive way. So much easier now to see how I relieve information. Thank you Tasha.
Kayla Swayney
I truly had an amazing experience working with Tasha! I have blockages cleared away. She was very comforting in the process. Very grateful to have met her and for her to be a part of my journey! I’ll definitely be going back to work with her again!
Lois Alexander
An amazing person that brings clarity.
Kathy Linzy
Natasha took away negative energy from me that was holding me down. She is absolutely amazing and recommend her!!
Jimyjah Blackston
Words can’t explain how wonderful Tasha is. She is all knowing, she understanding, and she gives off such positive energy. 😊 Having a chance to work with her was incredible! She’s a amazing teacher and I’m still learning things from her today. She’s the real deal!!! If you’re looking for the right one, look no further!Thank you for everything Tasha! ❤️

Rebecca Keller
I met Natasha for the first time today at a metaphysical expo. Upon her approaching me, I was instantly comfortable with her. Natasha gave me some great insight and even educated me on chakra stones and where I had room for improvement. If you are looking for someone to educate you on new chakra topics or enlighten you further, contact her. You will not be disappointed.
Alexis Wolfe
Tasha is amazing. My (QHHT) session changed my life for the better. We went back to my past lives and I discovered how cool I’ve always been lol. We also discovered how damaged I was and healed me on the spot. It’s a very big step to make towards reaching a higher level of consciousness and ascension. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide me. Forever grateful.
Jazzmyne Pepper Sims
My session was more than I’d ever imagined. Natasha was a wonderful guide! I’ll definitely be back.

If you havent tried QHHT, what are you waiting for! Natasha has the natural skills and knowledge to help you unblock things that may be holding you back. She can also help you heal yourself, shes very sweet, compassionate, loving, and genuinely cares about the people she works with. She will answer any questions or concerns you have and will put your mind at ease if your feeling any anxiety about the session. She makes you feel very comfortable, shes truly here to help people heal! She has helped me tremendously!  –Anne San Jose ,CA

Raven Cockrell
Tasha was so great! She changed my life in a major way. I would definitely go again. It was a wonderful experience!🤗
Vashni Matthews
Tasha was a great guide, very enthusiastic about her work. I had a very spiritual, surreal experience. My life is going through a drastic positive shift since my session. A very mind opening and enlightening experience.\