Maximized Perspectives energy and hypnosis therapy for those on a path of clinical and alternative healing.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Experience Dolores Cannon developed and perfected unique method of hypnosis, in-person Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) or our online Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis . Achieve the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. Explore the Somnambulistic level to access the highest level of trance to get the healing or consciousness you desire. Services offered online and in-person.

Clinical Hypnosis Healing

Clinical Hypnosis is a sophisticated way of connecting with your subconscious, to get it to agree with your conscious mind. This aids in making big decisions or quitting bad habits.  stop smoking, along with other major lifestyle changes including personal development  or stress management, where Hypnosis is extremely effective because it reframes your self-defeating beliefs, old patterns and scripts empowering change to stop being your own worst enemy. This service is offer online and in-person

Quantum Distance Healing

Distance healing involves sending the healing intention and energy to a person, group or situation from afar. It can be used to heal the past, present or future. healing can work on the relationship a person has with themselves, or the energy they feel toward another. It can also be used to set up events before they happen. There are so many possibilities, so open up your imagination and ask for what you desire!

Her distance healing services WORK, one session broke a cycle of pain I’d been experiencing since last August.

— William Flowers

I truly had an amazing experience working with Tasha! I have blockages cleared away. She was very comforting in the process. Very grateful to have met her and for her to be a part of my journey! I’ll definitely be going back to work with her again!

— Kayla Swayney

Alternative Healing Tools

MPower Tools can bring back the balance and truly harmonize your body, mind and spirit!t’s very simple put the copper rod in the right hand and the zinc rod in the left and just grip them, they provide  aetherial currents which have a magnetic effect utilizing gravity which have been scientifically proven to bring balance and harmony to the atoms of the entire body . Read More

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