What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis can refer to a therapeutic technique, or to a state of mind.  The hypnotic state is a completely natural state that we go in and out of many times each day.  How many times while driving on the freeway have you found yourself approaching your off-ramp, and though, “Wow, I’m here already”? How many times have you become engrossed in a movie, or a song, or even a sequence of thought, and then realized that several minutes or more have gone by?  These are just a few examples of how we move in and out of hypnosis naturally all day long.

one session $120
or three sessions $340

Clinical hypnosis is where someone purposely induces a state of hypnosis to help that person improve their life in some way. I usually induce hypnosis by through focusing attention while relaxing deeply.  I then talk with the person about the problem they are seeking help with. Clinical hypnosis is effective with stopping habits such as smoking and eating too much, but goes way beyond to help with all variety of psychological and relationship problems. Depression and anxiety for instance, can decrease greatly with clinical hypnosis. 

It is not that the hypnosis DOES something to you. Rather clinical hypnosis can help you find strengths and abilities that you cannot access in your normal waking state. Did you know that people can be hypnotized to not feel pain during surgery? Not only is this true, but it has been know since at least the 1950’s. People that undergo hypnosis rather than anesthesia, do not feel pain, bleed less, and heal quicker. If you’re interested, check out the work of the late Dr. William S. Kroger. The larger point is that we possess abilities that we are not aware of and cannot access on our own. You can’t make yourself not feel pain during surgery on your own, but you can with hypnois.

Now take a minute to wonder what else you might be capable of if you knew how to access your strengths and abilities. THAT is what clinical hypnosis does! I helps you find resources within yourself to heal from depression, anxiety, abuse and other problems. The potential of clincial hypnosis is immense. 

Clincial hypnosis may be effective in one session, but usually it takes a number of sessions to achieve your goal. Human problems are complex and working them out in clincial hypnosis may take time.

Initial program setup and session $240 then $120.00 for follow-up sessions

Hypnosis Myths and Reality

Initial program setup and first session $240 then $120.00 for follow-up sessions
Initial setup consultation program and 2 hr session $240 or add on $120.00 per follow-up session

Myths about hypnosis abound and are perpetuated by stage/entertainment hypnotists and  movies and TV shows. As a general rule, don’t beleve anything about hypnosis without checking expert sources.

Being in hypnosis does not mean that we are out of control in any way, or that we are putting ourselves at risk of doing things we ordinarily wouldn’t do.  Stage hypnotists, who put on shows where people seem to do stunts or act in silly ways, are very skilled at picking out members of the audience who show in various ways that they want to perform. Susprisingly, a person is usually aware of what is going on during hypnosis, can talk, and can make decisions. I also provide a recording of the session so that you can listen to it daily between sessions.

Most people CAN be hypnotized. Some people are more resistant and may need to discuss their concerns before being hypnotized. Some people fall into a deep trance the first time they are hypnotized, but many do not. People tend to go into the hypnotic state quicker and easier with practice. Research has discovered that you do NOT have to be in a deep trance for hypnosis to be effective. You can be in a very light state of hypnosis an still get the benefits you want.

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