” Dolores Cannon QHHT and Beyond (BQH)is powerful, heart-based, access to your higher consciousness . .” Natasha Thompson , founder of Maximized Perspective “QHHT” Quantum Healing and Beyond (BQH)are the most advanced healing modalities on the planet today. These methods are heart-based and intention oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing energy healers to useContinue reading “QUANTUM HEALING AND BEYOND”

MAXIMIZED PERSPECTIVES Hypnotherapy for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening and Healing

Have you ever wondered what you’re supposed to be doing in this lifetime and if you’re on the right path?   We are spirits walking around with a body and there is so much more to us than we have been led to believe.  We are spirits walking around with a body and there isContinue reading “MAXIMIZED PERSPECTIVES Hypnotherapy for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening and Healing”


During a session, we’re able to tap into the subscounsious mind to find the answers within us.  Here are some of the reasons people come to see us for a session: I want to know what my life’s purpose is.   To understand and learn from previous life experiences. I want to gain knowledge on howContinue reading “I’LL HELP YOU FIND THE ANSWERS THAT ARE WITHIN”


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy(TM) is a speciallized form of hypnosis therapy created by Dolores Cannon, a well-known hypnotherapist with 45 years of experience in the field of hypnosis. Dolores’s technique combines a method of past life regression and a discussion with the client’s Higher-Self Consciousness to obtain healing and a greater understanding of one’s self.Continue reading “DELORES CANNON QUANTUM HEALING QHHT”


Millions of people have been able to stop smoking by using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and these powerful tools can help you take control of your life and quit smoking for good. At Maximized Perspective you will experience hypnotherapy with strong and effective hypnotic suggestions customized just for you by your Certified Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is anContinue reading “BECOME A NON-SMOKER WITH HYPNOSIS”

One Day Non-Smoker Program

Become a Non-Smoker in one day without craving cigarettes or envying other smokers. This program is designed for when you ready to quit and learn to become a non- smoker.So many times when you ask smokers if they want to quit smoking they will tell you that they are not sure they are ready, canContinue reading “One Day Non-Smoker Program”