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Psionic and Psychotronic Generators

Psionic generators are devices that are activated by the energy streaming from your eyes. Psychotronic generators are devices that amplify your thought energy. After suffering under years of criticism, a lot of serious research has been done to validate such devices.

Years ago the CIA reportedly learned that the Soviets were using powerful
psychotronic generators to amplify and beam harmful ELF (extremely low frequency) thought transmissions to major U.S. cities (in some case using radio-microwaves as carrier waves). U.S. researchers undertook their own research to counteract the Soviet threat.
Some researchers have found that producing and synchronizing man-made
magnetic waves to the alpha brain wave frequency of 10 cycles per second in a subject could induce suppressed emotional images of fear.

If amplified and generated directly at a segment of the population, these ELF waves could potentially manipulate people into producing bizarre behavioral patterns. Most people are already beset with various forms of ELF thought energy from other people around them all day long.

This “mental noise” comes to you in the form of visualizations or voices and might constitute 50 – 75% of your idle thought patterns that often guide many of your impulse reactions. This subliminal entrainment of your mind is augmented constantly with what you see in newspapers and on the TV, and how you interact with other people.

When high sun spot activity affects radio waves, people are affected too.

As the souls of the world pick up tempo in a spiral downhill toward decadence, other souls elsewhere in the world (radio waves are everywhere) could be entrained in similar behavior because of the amplified ELF thought transmissions carried by radio waves.

How can you become a skilled individual to protect or shield yourself from
unwanted ELF influences generated by millions of negatively oriented souls? Think a minute. First be aware that something must be happening like this already in the world today. If someone yelled fire in a theater, would you be easily swept up and phase-locked into a panicky condition? Do you react to unfamiliar situations in an individualistic thinking manner or in an emotional, group-oriented, non-thinking capacity?

To counteract the subliminal entrainment of your mind, question yourself
periodically about your actions. Next, consciously clear your mind of all negative thought patterns. Well you say, “That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?” There’s a difference though. If you knew someone was pointing a mind control gun at you to implant a subliminal, negative condition in you, wouldn’t you CONSCIOUSLY want to counteract it and rebuff its influence? Of course you would.
Then take conscious control over a positive life style for yourself, because
negative influences ARE ‘pointed’ at you! Clear your mind of all the subliminal stuff that is subconsciously directing you into acting like a robot, and get down to living in a productive way. Improve yourself and develop your mental skills, instead of carrying around a deteriorating lump of gray matter with you all day that’s too tired to think or even get conscious in the morning. Don’t go for the pills or the booze or something to heighten or deaden the senses.

The next time a negative surge is upon you, assume it is directed at you for a purpose, and refuse to countenance it. Use your conscious will power to reject the impression. Just as sound can cancel out sound, your natural electromagnetic energy field can do the same as long as you consciously direct it to do so. The more you personally increase your energy amplitude, the easier it will be to turn away an external focus of negativity .

Create your own psionic generator or purchase one from us.  They are amazing energy tools.

Free psionic tool from Maximized Perspectives


Now look/stare at the psionic image/ device and observe any 
Notice any thoughts ,vibrating or visual effects. 
Holding a quartz crystal increase the effect? Can you activate the device by simply
visualizing that you’re looking at it with your eyes closed? Can you affect it by looking at it with your peripheral vision? If you imagined the  psionic image were gradually increased in weight
and size, could the amplitude of your eye beam energy be determined by the point
you no longer could visualize by looking at it?
This is an exercise in amplifying your thought waves using a simple psionic  imagery  .
Since a scoffer’s thought vibrations are different than a believer’s, the devices work
differently with different people.

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