Online Virtual Hypnosis

Online Hypnosis: Tele-Hypnosis Online or Over the Phone


Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you go in and out of various trances all day you can be hypnotized online or over the telephone.

Often times I find when you are in the comfort of your own environment you often go deeper into a hypnotic trance because you feel safe and comfortable with your surroundings.

The same as when you read a good book or watch a good TV program or movie.

Here is what you will need to make your online hypnosis experience through Skype, or other platforms the most effective:

  • A set of ear buds or headphones will be very helpful to block outside noises and helps you to stay focused and able to concentrate.
  • A phone with a head phone jack or computer with Skype and headphone jack depending on which method you are using for communication
  • You will need a quite space and time when you will be undisturbed for about an hour
  • A way to pay for your session via PayPal or credit card prior to our session

Benefits of online tele-hypnosis sessions:

Here are 5 benefits of using Skype or online tele-hypnosis:

  1. Not having to travel to and from the hypnosis office (great for agoraphobics and driving fears clients)
  2. The comfort and privacy of your own home, office or hotel
  3. You are able to have a hypnosis session with me from anywhere in the world that has telephone or internet service
  4. Skype and Tele-hypnosis sessions are less expensive using Skype or Tele-hypnosis than an in person visit hypnosis session
  5. You are able to go into a deeper hypnotic trance because you feel safer in your own environment.

Experience online tele-hypnosis for yourself!

I have had hundreds of session with people just like you from all over the USA and other countries. It is wonderful such healing can be achieved through technology using Skype hypnosis and tele-hypnosis.

Many of my previous clients have recovered from:

  • weight problems
  • smoking cessation
  • anxiety and stress
  • test taking performance
  • fears and phobias
  • as well as insomnia

If you are interested in your free get acquainted session contact me today. You can also sign up now for your Skype Hypnosis or Tele-Hypnosis session via PayPal or contact me direct and I can accept your credit card using Square. 

If you have any questions simply call me at 931-302-7837 or click the link to contact us today…

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