During a session, we’re able to tap into the subscounsious mind to find the answers within us.  Here are some of the reasons people come to see us for a session:

  • I want to know what my life’s purpose is.  
  • To understand and learn from previous life experiences.
  • I want to gain knowledge on how and why I am who I am today.
  • To understand why I chose this life and the lessons in it.
  • I want to know more about my past lives and if my phobias and pains are from a past life.
  • I’m doing a lot of spiritual clearing & purification on all levels of my being. 
  • I want to know why I can’t get a job and have so much trouble with finances
  • I don’t feel like I belong here and want to go home but I don’t know where home is.
  • I have alien abduction memories I need clarification on.
  • I want answers about events in this lifetime and others that are unanswered.
  • I am connected with source and need clarification on my mission.
  • I am so tired of the way my life is right now and I needed strength and guidance
  • I want my physical body to be clear of any spirit attachments and negativity.
  • I am sure there are problems that this can fix and I’d like to know about my past lives.
  • I’ve been feeling a little lost, had a pretty rough childhood that I can’t seem to shake off in my adult life.
  • Confirmation on dreams I’ve been having and my energy sensitivity around people.
  • To understand who I am, I feel stuck.
  • For healing. I want to do better.
  • To get rid of fear.
  • To validate how many spirit guides are with me. 
  • To find out when and if I’ll be meeting my soul mate.
  • My spirit told me to do it.
  • Addiction Relief
  • Weight loss
  • To become a non-smoker
  • Drug abuse

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