Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy(TM) is a speciallized form of hypnosis therapy created by Dolores Cannon, a well-known hypnotherapist with 45 years of experience in the field of hypnosis. Dolores’s technique combines a method of past life regression and a discussion with the client’s Higher-Self Consciousness to obtain healing and a greater understanding of one’s self. It was quite by accident that she and her husband, also a hypnotherapist, discovered a higher intelligence, soul consciousness (or one’s Higher-Self) could be called in during the trance. This intelligence she connected with told her, “We don’t care what you call us, but we are willing to work with you.” The Higher-Self Consciousness is an extremely powerful source that keeps the records of All knowledge and is capable of performing instantaneous healings, if appropriate.

As your certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, I will be guiding you into a deep hypnotic state of relaxation by using various visualization techniques. We will be working with the sommnambulistic level, the deepest level of trance. This state is very similar to the state of trance that you experience upon first awaking in the morning and right before falling asleep at night.

Together we will explore past, present, or future lives. I will not lead you anywhere. I will be your facilitator guiding you through those lives, asking your subsconscious to show us the most relevant lesson that you can apply to this life now. The subconscious that we will be working with is not the subconscious that hypnotists usually refer to. This is the child-like part of the mind. We will actually be working with your High-Self Consciousness or “over-soul”. We will attempt to directly contact the Source of All Knowledge (The Super Consciouness).

This Super Consciousness is an extremely powerful force capable of answering all questions ever asked. Healings can only occur if it is in line with your belief system. Healing will be discussed in your interview.




Discover Your Purpose and Instantaneous Healing with a QHHT Session-$240 

Your Higher-Self Consciousness can reveal to your conscious mind your passions, desires and inner strengths. Clarifying your goals can leave you peaceful and inspired! Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session can help find a  release for these emotions. You can achieve instantaneous healing of all diseases,addictions and habits, if it’s appropriate.

We often ask ourselves, “Who can we trust most in our lives?” The answer lies within. It is OURSELVES! A discussion with your Higher-Self Consciousness is like a having your own personal road map or blueprint.


Follow up to your Qhht  

– $125 a session

Need another session because more questions need to be answered , you enjoyed the inner peace , you enjoyed the feeling of true love and pure bliss or need another body part healed.  It does not matter the reason past clients are  granted (2 )sessions at this rate at our facility .


Thank you for your interest in a Qhht session. Session are available  in person at our facility in Clarksville, TN ,  local in-home with the travel radius of less than 60 miles  and  out of town with radius of over 60 miles not to exceed 3 hours of driving time .

Email  or Call (931) 302-7837 to schedule a date and time or Pay and Schedule thru my online service.(here)

The session cost is $240.00 ( February 2020 special $240) in town at our facility.

The session cost is $400.00 for local in-home .

The session cost is $690.00 for out of town.

Send deposit of $199.00 to PayPal at to lock in session time and date. Other portion is due day of session. 

 Pay and Schedule thru my online service.(CLICK )   Visa, MC , Discover , accepted

This is how to prepare for a great session

This is the questionnaire I need 2 days before the session

Click here for more session info Posted in HOW TO PREPARE FOR A SESSION

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