What is Clinical Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis can refer to a therapeutic technique, or to a state of mind.  The hypnotic state is a completely natural state that we go in and out of many times each day.  How many times while driving on the freeway have you found yourself approaching your off-ramp, and though, “Wow, I’mContinue reading “CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY”


What Are The Benefits Of Hypnosis? Discover the power of your subconscious mind and change negative patterns in your life. The purpose of the conscious mind is to protect you at all times. When we experience a traumatic event, the conscious mind stores that event in the subconscious. It is here where an association isContinue reading “THE BENEFITS OF HYPNOSIS”

How to Schedule an Appointment

All hypnosis sessions can be scheduled via email ,text , phone, or my booking site which contains links to calendars showing the available dates and times .   Booking and cost:  Sessions require 50% deposit required at booking.  All deposits are made via the internet using a credit card and processed through PayPal under . Continue reading “How to Schedule an Appointment”

Online Virtual Hypnosis

Online Hypnosis: Tele-Hypnosis Online or Over the Phone Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you go in and out of various trances all day you can be hypnotized online or over the telephone. Often times I find when you are in the comfort of your own environment you often go deeper into a hypnotic trance becauseContinue reading “Online Virtual Hypnosis”

What is Energy Therapy and Why Use Energy Practitioner?

Questioner asked : What is Energy Therapy for our practice and clients? Answered :”Energy Therapy is the flow of Abundance blazing thru the etheric atmosphere. For it will waive or raise the rights of the unknown”- channeled message from a celestial being Question asked: Why Use our Energy Practitioner and Tools? Answered: “Come as youContinue reading “What is Energy Therapy and Why Use Energy Practitioner?”


Psionic and Psychotronic Generators Psionic generators are devices that are activated by the energy streaming from your eyes. Psychotronic generators are devices that amplify your thought energy. After suffering under years of criticism, a lot of serious research has been done to validate such devices.  Years ago the CIA reportedly learned that the Soviets wereContinue reading “PSIONIC ENERGY TOOLS”